Welcome to our new blog!

Margie Winslow and her sidekick, Caleb the Donkey, want to share quotes, saying, myths, and funny stories about donkeys and their humans. Until Margie orders a keyboard suitable for a size 00 hoof, she will transmit for Caleb.

For our first post we want to share the good news that Margie's recent cancer surgery was a success and that she is now able to visit Caleb again. (Although someone else must hold him while she brushes him and feeds him carrots!) Doctor's orders: she can't ride for another 3-4 weeks. No bouncing!

Margie: The very first lesson I learned from Caleb is to SLOW DOWN! What's the rush? As a New Yorker who commuted to NYC for thirty years, slowing down wasn't easy!

He also cured me of checking the time constantly by chewing on my watchband. After losing 3 watches, I took the hint!


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