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      I'm a geologist with over thirty years of field experience in Chile, Antarctica, Alaska, and the Dominican Republic where I specialize in geoarchaeology and earthquake hazards. 

      A passion for the wilderness and the people and animals who make their homes in remote regions led to my three award-winning memoirs and a historical novel: two  travel/adventure memoirs about South America and Antarctica: Over My Head and The Cusp of Dreadfulness. In the third memoir, I chronicle a sometimes tempestuous and hilarious relationship with my donkey: Smart Ass. 

      My forthcoming historical mystery novel, Cradle of Storms, is set in the Aleutians Islands of Alaska. A new teacher at a small school stumbles upon the body of an elderly Japanese tourist. On the trail of the murderer, she uncovers a fifty-year-old story of forbidden love and sacrifice during WW II. Based on a little-known but true story of the Japanese invasion of the western Aleutians and the fate of the Aleut community on Attu Island.

      Praise for Smart Ass:  "I love Margaret Winslow's book and all it teaches us about the true nature of life, from the power of love to the reality of animal communication." Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles.

      Praise for Over My Head: “…a pioneering female geologist explores the topography of South America and the shifting landscape of women in the sciences…. A satisfying journey through 1970’s sexual politics and the lands of the southernmost part of the Earth.” — Kirkus Reviews

      Praise for The Cusp of Dreadfulness: "Travel memoirs...rarely combine laugh-out-loud misadventures with inisights about the pioneering efforts of women to enter the almost exclusively male branches of field sicences" Palisades  Free Library.

“A fascinating read. I stayed up all night to finish it!” Tony Killgallin, interview host of NapaTV Channel 18.

“I guess I’ll have to share bragging rights with this author. She’s outdone my own adventures in South America!” Sedge Thomson, host of West Coast Live radio, KALW, San Francisco.

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